Leaf Cloud is a PHP website source code for file sharing, with the ability to create unlimited levels of folders, upload files, delete files, and perform other operations compatible with servers. It is convenient for administrators to manage and view more download resources and articles, and it also includes the feature to share resources and asynchronously upload files/resources.

The advantages of this PHP cloud source code include the ability to create folders in the root directory, allowing users to click on a folder to enter the next level, and the capability to upload files or create new directories. It is currently one of the best cloud source code systems available.

Key features of the PHP cloud source code include the ability to download files with a single click, multi-threaded downloading, offline downloading, and various program features such as cloud disk and resource viewing. It encompasses the most powerful functions of a cloud disk.

To import the source code, first import the database files from the “sql” folder into the database. Then, configure the website database in the “config.inc.php” file. Access the backend management by visiting “yourdomain.com/admin” with the default username and password being “admin”.