Rainbow External Link Cloud is a PHP-based cloud storage and external link sharing program that supports the upload of files in all formats. It can generate external links for files, images, and music videos, and automatically generate corresponding UBB and HTML codes. It also supports online preview of text, images, music, and videos. It is not just a cloud storage, but also a picture bed or online music player.

The new version now supports integration with cloud storage services such as Alibaba Cloud OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Huawei Cloud OBS, UpYun, and Qiniu Cloud, and also adds an image violation detection function.

It is suitable for quick sharing of small files, with the option to set access passwords for files. Documents and images can be previewed, audio files can be played online, and it is also suitable for use as a picture bed. It supports online downloads, UI beautification, and code modification for backend statistics on running days and friend links.

Installation Guide:

1. Upload and decompress the files, and upload the file database.sql.

2. Modify the database information in config.php.

3. Access the backend /admin with the default login credentials admin/123456.