Ant Future’s new version of the blockchain system source code for Thinkphp is capable of supporting peer-to-peer transactions, featuring curve graphs and a six-level distribution system. Users can set the daily unit price for hanging orders, and the backend allows for the setting of daily price fluctuations, buying and selling quantities, and integration with high-speed SMS. Installation instructions are included.

Product Advantages:
1. A brand-new UI design that rivals top-tier projects in aesthetics.
2. Pool mining model puts profit control in the hands of users.
3. Daily unit price for hanging orders can be set.
4. Backend allows for the setting of daily price fluctuations.
5. Backend allows for the setting of daily buying and selling quantities.
6. Six-level distribution model that attracts customers vigorously.
7. Control over market high and low prices, and guidance prices.
8. High-speed SMS integration.